A way of life….

Having obtained his B. S. in biology and while studying general medicine in Florence, Italy, a strange twist of fate changed Dr. Ricardo Yunis’ path in life with it changing the whole concept of dieting.
Dr. Yunis revolutionized the traditional methods of dieting with his unique all natural blend of ingredients and ideas,  whereby not only he helps you lose all those extra kilograms, but also gives a whole new shape and structure to your physique. It is not another theory of dieting; it is a way of life because it systematically introduces you and teaches you all the habits of healthy nutritional meals. For more than a decade now, Dr. Ricardo’s system has shaken the media, has made headline news, has proven itself over and over, but most importantly has changed people’s lives for the better.
Moreover, his inquisitive mind and natural curiosity push our doctor into a different way of life, that of beautifying our interiors, our homes. An expert in interior design, his refined taste, paralleled with his eloquent style, has created wonders inside the privacy of the homes of many. Dr. Yunis’ passion, creativity and “craziness” mingle to give birth to extraordinary interiors. Today his talent coupled with his experience and expertise turn him into one of the most sought after interior decorators.
Whether in his clinic or out at the field our multi talented doctor never ceases to amaze us. His magic is all around in everything he does; leaving behind unparalleled talent and unique signature everywhere he goes…

Natural Medicine